Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój is a unique event where many key and strategic economic decisions are discussed. When business undertakes ambitious development plans is usually where things get tough. The first and frequently unsurmountable barrier are environmental decisions. Permits, approvals, opinions, and then – protests, this is the every-day reality for managers who implement investment projects. It is obvious that the natural environment must be approached with respect, but, as with everything, this also has to be done with moderation.

In last year’s special edition of the OZEON Magazine – Business & Ecology, dr. Grzegorz Chocian of the ECOPROBONO Constrictive Ecology Foundation, writing about ecoterrorism, posed the question: “Would lieutenant colonel Ignacy Prądzyński have any chance today to build the Augustów Canal?” This question rings in my ears whenever I hear media reports about the ambitious projects planned by the Polish government for the upcoming years. Discussion of such problematic issues is one of the things which lay in the heart of our periodical.

During the Forum we will discuss new challenges facing Europe in the nearest decades. This publication is dedicated to the participants of the XXVII Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój. I sincerely hope that the topics addressed in this special edition of the OZEON Magazine will contribute to a lively debate on the direction of development for the European Union. The Poland 3.0 and TRIFFID projects are excellent examples which show that we have no lack of ambitious and daring managers. A courageous approach to strategic issues is the only thing that will have a real effect on the development of our Motherland.

Krzysztof Jan Stawnicki


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